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Understand what IT projects really need

Start understanding what clients in IT really need and what engineers can actually offer. Texidi offers you a set of tools that will give you a fundamental understanding of the IT world and make sure you will amaze developers with your knowledge.

Our workshop

Our Tech Jargon workshop is a 1-day training that will help you undestand the IT terminology in a fun and easy way.

Step 1: Categorise Tech Terms

What is a programming language? Is Angular a framework or a language? Does Docker belong to the cloud technologies, the web technologies or both? In the first step, it’s up to you to categorise the IT terms. Our guides will be there to help you.

Step 2: Understand Tech terms

What is Kubernetes? Why is Angular often used in one sentence with Ionic? Why was the acquisition of Github by Microsoft so important? By using real life examples, our guides will make you understand how GraphQL can be compared to a pizza menu and how Docker is just lasagna.

Our guides

Meet the experienced software engineers that will guide you through the tech universe.

Tech Jargon Workshops

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Your journey into tech

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What they say about us

A picture of Segolene
Segolene Houdaile-Hoc

A really pleasant moment shared with the Hackages team and the other players. Pedagogic, fun, and well thought-out, Davy makes you reflect and shares his knowledge in an accessible way.

A picture of Sam
Sam de Meyer

The gamification element with attaching the cards to the wall, the wide variety of tech topics and above all the great interaction between the group members and Davy were the parts I liked the most. I also really enjoyed that the tech jargon and principles were translated to real world examples. It made it more tangible and it was easier to put it into context this way.

A picture of Laeticia
Laetitia Monet

What I liked the most about the training is to have a passionate mentor that knows how to keep the attention and really want to share his knowledge.

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