Milenko Vorkapic

Lead Engineer @Hackages

About Milenko Vorkapic

Milenko Vorkapic holds a bachelor in Computer Sciences and is a Full Stack Engineer at Hackages since 2017. The first programming language he learnt was C, but it was not long after that he started with JavaScript and became fond of it. Milenko is the leading engineer for Hackages’ internal projects and of the React trainings. To stay up to date and to gain real-life experience, Milenko also acts as a consultant and coach to companies in BENELUX including BIL and Edenred. But what he enjoys the most is to attend European conferences and meetups where he can chat and learn from and with the community. He has given workshops at JSNation in Amsterdam and JS Belgium and is always on the look to participate and attend events.

Some numbers

+335 hours

+461 people

+34 courses